Justin Vernon as a part of Big Red Machine

The Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner’s collaborative project is out for a while now. It’s without a thought an absolute descendant of Bon Iver’s 2016 album, 22, A Million, barring the fact that the arrangement and instruments used are somewhere more or less electronic and synthetic than 22, A Million with absolutely remarkable songwriting. The presence of both Bon Iver and The National is well apparent even though the project involved people more than that in number as it implies on the album art “People”. The lyrics in this project are dynamic, coming from someone like Vernon, it doesn’t really hold on to anything. It’s interesting to witness Justin Vernon as Bon Iver’s artistic evolution and manifestation from For Emma, Forever Ago towards 22, A million to this and so far beyond. Give it a listen and you might find pleasure in discovering a fragment of abstractness that stands beyond its known and methodical ground.


4 thoughts on “Justin Vernon as a part of Big Red Machine

  1. Thanks, I had never heard of this. I loved For Emma, Forever Ago and I loved some of 22, A Million (notably 00000 Million, prob because most accessible…) and I’m hoping this is not too glitchy and jarring – I look forward to listening!

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